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Return Policy

Since we deliver the products are not material and are subject to change, we do not do return the product after it has been paid for and shipped to the customer. As a customer, you are responsible for your decision to purchase the offered product in the form in which it is offered on our site, without any changes or additions.
Considering the above, we nevertheless can implement return product under the following circumstances:
1) The product was not delivered: for any reason related to the shipment of goods by e-mail, you do not receive an email with the product;
2) Problems with the load of the product: the damaged archive;
3) Fatal flaws of the product or the particular difficulties when editing the template: although all the products are tested relevant departments of our company, we do not exclude the possibility of errors. You need to contact customer service;
4) Description of the product is different from that shown on the website: Returns for this reason solved in each case. Before making a purchase, you need to view information about the source files included in the package with the template, and the software required to edit the template. All the customers are also recommended to carry out the necessary testing of the product type on the free sample templates are available in appropriate section on our website.
Contact us:
Our support will be glad to provide you with every assistance in resolving your issue. Our operators will find the best solution for you in the shortest possible time.
E-mail: info@upresentation.com
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Questions about the return of the product under consideration for weeks after the purchase. You can send your inquiries to sales@upresentation.com, the letter should specify the details of the order and the reason for which you want to return the value of the product. Before sending the letter, make sure that you carefully read the information given above.
The cost of the product will be returned to your account after the signing of the agreement on not using the product / product elements. These contracts provide our customer support after receipt of your letter with a request for the refund.
At the conclusion of mutual agreement, we can exchange the purchased product to another, equivalent in value and functionality.