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Intellectual Property Policy

Upresentation.com offers templates as the creation of our staff designers and freelance designers, collaborating with our company. In the process of creating templates we make every effort to ensure that would not infringe the rights of third parties, using the materials without the permission of the rights to which they belong.
If you find that any of the products on our site infringes your copyright or intellectual property, please contact us immediately. In this case, the template is removed from the database, or all of the elements used without permission will be replaced. In the case of systematic infringement of copyright in any of our designers, contract with them will be terminated.
To ensure that we were able to take the necessary action, please provide us with the following information:
• proof of your intellectual property rights or copyrights;
• URL or product number, which uses your material;
• your name, address, contact telephone number and email address;
• request that your rights have been violated;
• Proof that you are acting on behalf of the owner of the material, if you represent its interests.
For any questions, please contact legal@upresentation.com